Everyday Aesthetics was born in the 21st Century as a sub-discipline of Anglo-American art-focused aesthetics and it has distinguished itself for its shift toward the practices and objects of everyday life. Originally, Everyday Aesthetics was mainly concerned with emphasizing its difference from mainstream American Aesthetics. Later on, it began to spread widely throughout Europe, intertwining Anglo-American and European approaches.

In recent years, conferences and publications related to Everyday Aesthetics have greatly increased in Europe. This has helped open up this novel philosophical trend in a variety of directions: new topics have been included (e.g., the environment, cities, design, experience, the search for new aesthetic categories, etc.) and several new avenues of research have been explored (e.g., within the phenomenological, Marxist, historical tradition, etc.).

The cooperation agreement was signed on June 23, 2022, at the University of Palermo. This date defines the beginning of the collaboration among thirteen European institutions in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and related disciplines. The agreement is nevertheless open to other institutions in the world, which can hereafter apply to join the Network.

Some of the Evanet founding partners after signing the agreement on June 23, 2022 in Palermo, Italy.

The Network has received support from scholars such as Yuriko Saito, Thomas Leddy, and Emily Brady, who originally animated the debate on Everyday and Environmental Aesthetics. They are included in the Network as Honorary Partners.

Although the name of the Network refers to Everyday Aesthetics, the Network is open to new interpretations and applications that cross and overcome the original boundaries of the discipline, guiding it towards new and unexplored philosophical paths. 

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