Founding Partner

PhD, is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Warsaw University and the head of the Chair of Aesthetics. He graduated in art, history and philosophy. His main field of interest is environmental aesthetics. His recent publications include: “Landscape, Phenomenology, and Aesthetics”, Popular Inquiry 1, 2022; “Everyday Landscapes. A Challenge for Aesthetics?”, in: Social and Technological Aspects of Art. Challenges of the ‘New Normal’, I. Vidmar Jovanović, V.M. Stupnik (eds.), Rijeka 2022; “The Ontology of Landscapes”, Estetica 75, 2020 (co-authored with A. Andrzejewski); “Landscapes as Gardens. Aesthetics and Ethics of the Environment”, in: Philosophy of Landscapes, A.V. Serrao, M. Reker (eds.), Lisbon 2019. He also published two monographs (in Polish):  The Landscape. An Aesthetics Phenomenon (2020) and Garden Aesthetics: Between Art and Ecology (2016).

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