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is Lecturer of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts at the University of Málaga. She has been visiting research scholar at the University of Varanasi, the University of Hawai’I, the SOAS of the University of London and Seoul National University, where she has researched issues related to intercultural dialogue in aesthetics and Asian aesthetics. She is also a member of the research project TRAMA, based in Universidad Complutense (Madrid). (
Her publications and lines of research began related to comparative aesthetics, with a special focus on Indian and European aesthetics, and from 2010 extended their comparative axis to the traditions of East Asia and in confluence with contemporary debates on pragmatic aesthetics and aesthetics of the everyday. She is a member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetics and Art Theory (SEyTA), of the Editorial Board of Contrastes. Revista Internacional de Filosofía and of the executive committee of Brill collection on Transcultural Aesthetics. She is currently working on the project of a book on transcultural aesthetics, where everyday aesthetics plays a significant role.

Among her publications related specifically to the field of everyday aesthetics (which can be found on her site) we can mention the following:

  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2008), “La estética invisible del arte popular”. Contrastes. Revista Internacional de Filosofía. Suplemento 13. Málaga, pp. 41-54. ISBN 978-84-691-4639-2
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2012a), “La estética de lo cotidiano y el ars contextualis en Asia Oriental”. Contrastes. Revista Internacional de Filosofía. Supl. 17, Málaga, pp. 109-125. ISSN 1136-9922
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2013), “Pedro Escalona. Poesía y realidad del fragmento”.  Catalogue text of the Exhibition Pedro Escalona: Iluminaciones Cotidianas. Málaga: Servicios de Publicaciones del Ayuntamiento de Málaga, pp. 11-20. ISBN 978-84-92633-57-9
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2015), “Aesthetic properties of persons in crosscultural perspective: experiencing human nature in Indian Tantric philosophy”. Rivista degli Studi Orientali. LXXXVIII, Pisa: Fabrizio Serra editore, pp. 55 – 72. ISSN 1724-1863
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2015), “Arte en la vida, artes para la vida: el ritmo de la experiencia estética”. En: Aizpún, Teresa; Ibáñez, Cayetana & Fernández del Campo, Eva (Eds.), Ritmo. El pulso del arte y de la vida. Madrid: Abada, pp. 79-90. ISBN 978-84-16160-35-8
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2016). “The Poetic Dimension of Everyday Aesthetic Appreciation. Perspectives from East-Asian Traditions”. En: Petri, J. (Ed.), Performing Cultures. Krakow: Wydawnictwo Libron, pp. 165 – 172. ISBN 978-83-65148-41-4
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2016). “The rhythm of our lives: aesthetic perspectives East & West”.  Proceedings of the ICA 2016 “Aesthetics and Mass Culture” (round table sessions). Seoul: Korean Society of Aesthetics, pp. 131-136.   ISBN 978-89-8951895-2-8.
  • Fernández Gómez, María Rosa (2021). “Lo sagrado en lo cotidiano: la ceremonia del té en Japón” (The Sacred in the Everyday: Japanese Tea ceremony), in Raphisa. Revista de Antropología de lo Sagrado, Málaga, 2021 (on press).

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