Conference – “Everyday Aesthetics: Future Perspectives for Research”

On June 23, 2022, the EVA Network was officially established during the international conference “Everyday Aesthetics: Future Perspectives for Research”, held at the University of Palermo (Italy).

Event poster designed by Cinzia Biondolillo

The event paved the way for a renewal of Everyday Aesthetics over and beyond the Anglo-American debate, driving inquiry towards new and unexplored research areas and theoretical perspectives.

The Network was formalized through the signing of an international cooperation agreement among thirteen European institutions in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and related disciplines, which vowed to help each other with continuous academic and financial support. The agreement is open to other institutions in the world, which are free to apply to join the Network.

The Network also received support from some of the main international promoters of the debate in Everyday and Environmental Aesthetics such as Yuriko Saito, Thomas Leddy, and Emily Brady, who are included in the Network as Honorary Partners.

As we, once again, offer our heartfelt thanks to all who have participated in this important day, we hope that this will prove to be just the beginning of a long and exciting journey for all.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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