The Eva Network is glad to invite, all of you, to attend this international Event.

Dates for the conference: 25th-26th-27th January 2024

Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, 12 Place du Panthéon, 75005,
Room 6 and Sorbonne Art Gallery

École des Arts de la Sorbonne, 45 rue des Bergers, 75015
Amphithéâtre and Galerie Michel Journiac

Everyday Aesthetics has proven to be a growing trend in philosophy during the twenty-first century. For this line of research, it provides a valuable philosophical framework: it explores the aesthetic aspects of our daily lives, emphasizing the relational and collective nature of aesthetic experiences.

The notion of gesture is crucial because it accounts for multiple kinds of relation between intellect and sensation. Our everyday lives are inherently collective, interconnected for better or worse and the process of sense-making through gestures arises in a spectrum of relations and through multiple efforts that involve the risk of miscommunication. How do gestures enable us to think and create? And how is the materiality of gesture collectively shared? The concept of gesture enables both a precise differentiation between habits, experiences, actions, movements, manners of living and being, and a reconception of aesthetics as a living and dynamic realm, as an experience that possesses an intrinsically relational nature.

The methods and practices of participatory art are also important from this research perspective, in that they consider collective experience as an emancipatory practice. Historically, and following pragmatism, the movements of Happenings and Fluxus and postmodern dance already contributed to repositioning the experience of the art within the continuum of ordinary life.

Researchers and artists will propose contributions that explore how aesthetic practices are arranged and transformed when they seek to distance themselves from the world of art in order to immerse themselves in, and transform, human forms of life. The papers or artworks explore the co-existence of heterogeneous materials, processes of interaction and negotiation, and the complexity of collectively shared situations.


  • Non-judgmental aesthetic experience related to bodily sensations
  • Participatory and socially-based art
  • Aesthetics in relation to issues of racism, gender inequality
  • Environmental aesthetics and ecofeminist art practice
  • The role of the ethics of care in art practice
  • Situatedness, situated knowledge and relationality
  • Immersive, multisensory, imaginative and affective attention.
  • Co-creation and engagement
  • Land, ecological and environmental art forms engaged in biodiversity remediation.
  • Conversation, reciprocity and togetherness
  • Governance, democracy, the public sphere, daily political practices
  • Reciprocity, exchange, potlatch
  • Collaboration, problem-solving, problem-finding
  • Weighing pros and cons, process-oriented practice, work-in-progress


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