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Hello everyone, the EVA Network has the pleasure of welcoming you all to our new book club which will be open from today.

As you all know this network is open to new interpretations and applications that cross and overcome the original boundaries of the Everyday Aesthetics as a discipline. To do so many of us scholars through our researches have delved into a variety of subject and thesis. To share our findings with “YOU”, our beautiful community, we decided to open a Book Club set to recommend books about the Everyday Aesthetics.

If you are also passionate about this subject, we invite you to join us in the reading of this month recommendation:

“Applying Aesthetics to Everyday Life: Methodologies, History, and New Directions”
co-edited by Lisa Giombini and Adrian Kvokacka

Featuring 14 insightful chapters, the book delves into a diverse range of approaches to Everyday Aesthetics – “from stones to storms, encompassing house chores, social behavior, popular culture, and design objects” (from Arto Haapala’s review). We believe these chapters vividly portray the potential of the transformative ‘everyday turn’.

“Urban Aesthetics: Atmospheres and the Artification of Spaces”
by Elisabetta Di Stefano.

This volume explores urban aesthetics through two interpretive paradigms: the concepts of atmosphere and artification. It promises to be an enriching exploration of urban aesthetics and the intricate relationship between aesthetics of atmospheres, Everyday Aesthetics and the design of spaces.

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