Conference – “Designing Everyday Experience: Objects, Environments, Habits”

The conference “Designing Everyday Experience: Objects, Environments, Habits” was organized by EVAnetwork and MOME, the University of Art and Design.

It took place in Budapest from May 11th to 13th, 2023. The distinguished keynote speakers for the event were Michalle Gal (Shenkar College), Ben Highmore (University of Sussex), and Yuriko Saito (Rhode Island School of Design).

Given that the relationship between Everyday Aesthetics and design has not yet been explored in depth, this conference aimed to enhance understanding of this field of study among design professionals and scholars. Indeed, Everyday Aesthetics is a philosophical trend that delves into the practical implications of the theory in everyday life.

The collaboration between EVAnet and MOME proved highly successful, attracting 60 scholars who responded to the call for papers. Unfortunately, only 20 submissions were accepted for presentation. The selected papers, representing the best of the conference, will be published either in scientific journals or by prestigious publishers.

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